Thursday, November 01, 2012

On the one year anniversary after an individual has been approved for Medicaid, and on each subsequent one year anniversary, a "recertification" application is required to be submitted. Historically, this has been a fairly straightforward affair, as the Medicaid recipient normally only owns one account with (hopefully) less $2,000.

A "recert" for a married couple can be a little more involved, as there are sometimes joint assets that require removal of the institutionalized spouse's name. However, even with a married couple, a recert has been a fairly unintimidating exercise.

Recently, we've received word that many counties in west Michigan have decided to treat a recert as an ENTIRELY NEW MEDICAID APPLICATION. In other words, the recertification process will require as much time, effort and attention to detail as the original application, subject to errors that could result in a Medicaid denial.

We are asking our clients to understand that although the initial Medicaid application is a huge hurdle to overcome, it is by no means the end of the journey. We strongly advise our clients to come to stay in touch with us and COME TO US FOR ASSISTANCE WITH THE RECERTIFICATION. It appears workers will no longer accept the simple recert application of days gone by.